18 down , 74 to go!

4:40am, we’ve just left Scunthorpe United and are currently ahead of schedule.

Clubs completed so far;

  1. Southend United
  2. Ipswich Town
  3. Norwich City
  4. Cambridge United
  5. Peterborough United
  6. Leicester City
  7. Burton Albion
  8. Derby County
  9. Nottingham Forest
  10. Notts County
  11. Mansfield Town
  12. Chesterfield
  13. Sheffield United
  14. Sheffield Wednesday
  15. Rotherham United
  16. Barnsley
  17. Doncaster Rovers
  18. Scunthorpe United

Due to some technical difficulties* we’ve been un able to upload a lot of the photos taken at each ground, but hopefully we’ll be able to sort that out in the morning.

So far all is going well (ish). We have run in to some slight inconveniences so far;

  • Norwich City – unfortunately Norwich were playing at home in the league cup approximately one & a half hours before we arrived. This resulted in an big increase in traffic and very limited parking near the stadium, which meant we had to park up half a mile away and run to the stadium for a quick photo!
  • Leicester City – in the reverse of the above issue experienced at Norwich, we managed to arrive at Leicester 1 minute after the final whistle went in their match against Shrewsbury! This again meant we had to park half a mile away, only this time instead of running we fought our way through the several thousand disgruntled Leicester City fans who we’re leaving the stadium!
  • Leicester to Burton – one junction, junction 23, was closed on the M1. Absolutely typically, it was one the junction we needed!! After a brief diversion through some rather ‘interesting’ places, we were soon back on track.
  • Burton to Derby – yet more road closures!! Lots of resurfacing going on in Derby it would seem! But so good navigational work from Tony meant we didn’t lose too much time.

But apart from that pretty much everything else is going to plan. We’re really enjoying it so far, everyone’s done their share of driving and/or navigating with near perfection!! Several power naps and a brief stop at a service station has kept us all fresh and the adrenaline and banter is keeping us focused so far!

Mike is currently driving us to Hull (and back!?!) with Nick as his navigator and is looking forward to driving over the Humber Bridge. Matt and Tone are sleeping and Andrew is writing this blog for you all to enjoy!!

All in all it’s been a brilliant journey so far and we honestly can not thank you enough for all your amazing support. We’ll do our best to keep you all updated through this blog, Facebook and Twitter.

Hopefully some more more photos will follow soon!

14 hours in. 78 to go!



*scuzz may have misplaced the cable needed to upload the photos!!!

5 Comments on “18 down , 74 to go!

  1. Guys, looks like you’re doing great. Keep up the good work and hope you don’t get into too many more difficulties along the way. Loving the updates keep ’em coming 😀

  2. Great work lads, loving the updates and liking every single pic put on Facebook!
    Keep it going!! Tone, easy on the chicken tikka pasties! 😉

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