Clubs 23 & 24- Sunderland & Newcastle United

So after going to what seemed like the end of the earth in Hartlepool, we made our way over to the two giants of the north east, Sunderland and Newcastle United.

Having organised a photo in the ground by email a month or so earlier, we thought we would be ushered in and out quickly. However the┬ástadium manager gave us permission for a picture next to the pitch, on the subs bench and then in the home changing room! Once we sort out the camera lead situation (Jessops in Carlisle hopefully!) we will post the pictures! Even Betsy managed a smile in the home ground of his football teams rivals thanks to the great experience we had! We left there thinking we wouldn’t get access like that again…

Then we reached Newcastle….who then in turn gave us amazing access to St James’ Park! The PR manager took us down the tunnel (with the famous ‘Howay the Lads’ sign) to the pitch side, before allowing us photos in the home and away changing room! Smithy said it was like we had taken Betsy out for his birthday!!

Both clubs were fantastic and have given us unprecedented access to two of the biggest stadiums in the country. We’re now stuck behind a caravan on our way to Carlisle and are running pretty much on time. we’re all a bit knackered but we’re battling through until tonight when we plan to stop overnight!

We will keep you all updated with our efforts today, and keep your eyes peeled for all our photos which we will upload once we replace the lead we somehow managed to lose all the way back in Peterborough!

Speak soon,

The 92 in 92 boys

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