Clubs 41 to 45 complete!

A successful start to the day has seen us visit Bolton Wanderers, Wigan Athletic, Everton, Liverpool and Tranmere Rovers.

We all feel suitably refreshed after a decent night’s sleep and finally being able to shower! A couple of coffees and red bulls and we were on our way to Bolton.

The sat nav continues to have a mind of its own but apart from that Bolton and Wigan were negotiated with minimal fuss.

Everton was one of the grounds we were most looking forward to visiting as they’d granted us permission for a pitch side photo and it didn’t disappoint. Lovely ground and it was great to have a quick look around, so big thanks to the staff at Everton for being so accommodating. Sadly Everton friend wasn’t there in his Ferguson shirt but we assume he’s still at the bar trying to buy Rodda a beer.


Then it was on to Anfield and we didn’t hold out much hope of being allowed in to take a photo as Liverpool hadn’t replied to any of the emails. Tony the Baker stepped up and thought he’d ask anyway, dropping in the classic line “well Everton just let us in” to put the pressure on! 5 minutes later and we were standing on the Kop taking photos! Amazing ground, steeped in history, so it was brilliant to be allowed in for photos on the Kop and pitch side. Great work Tbone and thanks Kevin at Anfield  for showing us around. Amazing experience.


Then we were quickly on to Tranmere Rovers and 92 in 92 Challenge history was made! Mike finally said “look, there’s the stadium”, and it actually turned out to be the stadium!! Previous attempts have seen him think various buildings were actually ‘the stadium’, such as B&Q, a used car dealership, a tree and last nights emphatic “there it is” turned out to be a small house!! We’ll done Mike, you finally got one!!


We’re now on our way to Crewe and we’re absolutely buzzing after a good night’s sleep and a great start to the morning. The sponsorship continues to come in so thank you so much to everyone who is donating, it’s a real inspiration.

The comments, retweets and Facebook likes we’ve had so far have been brilliant, so please keep them coming as it’s proving a huge boost and raising a lot of laughs!

Thanks for all your support guys, we really appreciate it. We’re also open to suggestions for ‘funny’ poses outside grounds, so feel free to suggest some!!!

6 Comments on “Clubs 41 to 45 complete!

  1. Brilliant blog. Had me laughing out loud (which nearly got me in trouble cos I’m at work sneaking a peak). Well done Tony, you always have the gift of the gab.
    I did wonder about the earlier reference to B & Q. It’s all become clear now. Nice one Mike!

  2. You guys are having an amazing trip. Well done Tony for blagging your way into Anfield.
    Hope the SatNav sorts itself out.

  3. Great work again lads! Didn’t realise this was all just a bit of a jolly 😉
    Sounds like nearly every ground is being really accommodating and getting behind the cause – fantastic!
    Suggesting for a pose – styled as 92 in 92?? Or a pyramid, everyone loves a pyramid!

    • Ha, cheers Harv! I don’t think we have the numbers for the 92 pose (or the flexibility!), but we’re willing to give the pyramid a go!!

  4. Well done lads! Great effort so far. The blog’s keeping me entertained (& also making me slightly jealous!).

    I’ll back Harv’s suggestion of a pyramid as was thinking the same thing, although a ‘YMCA’ style ’92’ pose wouldn’t go amiss! Luckily you’ve got a bit of time in the car to work that one out!

    Is it possible to do a ‘Round Robin/badminton’ pose…..??!

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