Crewe to wolves….

Afternoon everyone!
We are past the 48 hour mark and still going strong!


Our arrival at Crewe meant we had reached the 46th club on our challenge, which signalled the half way stage!!! We had some really lovely photos at crewe. Scuzz is quite the photographer! Up next was port vale. As we arrived at the stadium, a friendly gentleman greeted us by asking “are you here for the speed awareness course?” We were lucky enough to be joined in the stand by the manager, Micky Adams! We were lined up ready to have our photo taken when the following problems;

no memory card in camera.

Mike’s camera phone – no flash

smithy’s camera phone – pointing the wrong way so the club secretary taking the photo took a lovely pic of himself.

As you can imagine, mr. Adams thought we were a well organised group, stating “it’s like the blind leading the blind!” It was great to meet Micky and share some quality banter with him.


We went to stoke…it was grey. It rained. We left stoke.

Shoesbury tied into our route nicely and passed without incident before we went to wolves. It was an incredible stadium and we sat in the dugout for our photo. We were shown around by a very friendly American lady. She kept asking us “are you winning?” I’m not sure what we were meant to be winning but we all said “yes” anyway!

image image

We’re still having an awesome time and are enjoying visiting some fantastic (and not so fantastic) grounds.

Keep the tweets and comments coming…. They really do help so much!!!!

Thanks for the donations….let’s see if we can get to £4500 by Saturday morning. It’s for a great cause!

Stand by for the next blog from Tony the Baker!!!

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  1. Well done, you are doing brilliantly. Love reading your blogs and looking at the fantastic photos. You look like you are having a great time.

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