The journey continues….. slowly!!!

Good afternoon!

Bristol to Exeter was a smooth journey that passed by without much incident and we were pleased to begin clawing back some of the time we lost overnight.


As the rest of the country began to wake, numerous messages from friends and family lifted our spirits immensely and we were invigorated with new found determination and optimism. Thank again for such amazing support, it’s made an immeasurable impact on our challenge. We honestly can’t thank you enough.

Unfortunately, the gods of traffic congestion seem determined to break our spirits! But our spirits shall not be broken!! Ridiculously busy roads from Exeter to Plymouth to Yeovil to Bournemouth have prevented us from making good time and we currently run a few hours behind schedule. But we march on to Southampton knowing time is still on our side and with confidence that we will still complete the a Challenge inside the 92 hours target. An excellent car seat rotation system is in place and we’ve all managed to get our heads down for some much needed sleep en route.


So, spirits remain high and venture on across the south coast.

The donations continue to come in so again huge thanks to everyone who has donated so far. And anyone who hasn’t donated… why not!?! Haha! Seriously though, it’s all going to a fantastic cause and any donation you can spare will go a long long way.

More updates to follow as and when we can but a lot of non driving / navigating time is being used to kip so apologies for any slow updates!

See you soon!

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