Good evening everybody ……..

We have just visited our 55 club and spirits are as high as ever !

We are 52 hours in now !

After leaving Wolverhampton Wanderer’s we headed to Walsall with Betsy at the wheel , we arrive at the ground with relative ease , we entered the reception , the bloke took us through the ground to the pitch to have a picture ! It was a cracking little ground , staff were top notch ……….


The hours and grounds are flying by , due to top banter and laughs , At one point laughter bought us to tears but looking back it was more like the stench in the car !

Moving on …..

At West Brom we parked outside the gate’s and posed (boy band esq) for a picture around our car ……… brought back the glory days of Liberty ship !


Thanks to some Stella driving from Besty we are zipping though the Midlands nicely, however We do have time to observe that there are some strange life forms around here !

Reaching Villa , Which for the record is a quality ground , We decide to start mixing up our poses , So we tried to recreate the reservoir dogs pose ….. But as u will soon see from the picture we just looked like 5 very lost men …….Epic fail !


Mike kept up his record of not spotting a ground when he thought he saw Birmingham’s ground , it was In fact a boots shop !!

When we did locate Birmingham’s stadium , We Didn’t want to stick around Birmingham much longer so we took the picture and left !

We get to Coventry a bit behind schedule but smithy and mike still find time to pretend to be on the gladiator’s …….3……2…..1

Coventry is the home of our main sponsors RSL, so what better time to say a huge thanks for all their support and generosity, we couldn’t have done it with out you!!


Just wanted to say , Me and the rest of the 92 boys really do appreciate your tweets and Facebook messages ! Gives us a massive boost reading them !

So keep retweeting , leaving message and more importantly donating !

You have been outstanding and we love you !

I’m outta here