So we managed to visit several clubs overnight in between a few stops for some well needed sleep and within a few hours we had reversed the time deficit and were suddenly way ahead of where we planned to be!

Brentford and Fulham went off without a hitch and following a stop for a sleep in the car we were on to Chelsea and QPR.
As we were ahead a schedule we took the opportunity to have another kip in the motor before waking at 3am to begin the final part of our journey. It’s fair to say we were all absolutely shattered by this point but the knowledge that we were on target to complete the challenge within the allotted 92 hours had us in a great mood from the off!

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This section of the challenge also saw us visit the grounds of four of the 92 in 92 challenge lads teams; Arsenal, Tottenham and West Ham. So we we’re in a suitable jovial mood!

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With the roads quiet all these visits went off without a hitch, all except Leyton Orient of course! My brother Dave had agreed to meet us at the ground at the ridiculously early time if 4:30am, however he got slightly lost on his way to the stadium! Matt and I worked out where he was and jumped in the car to drive round and collect him. Having found him with ease, we somehow managed to misplace the stadium and our 92 in 92 challenge colleagues!!! 15 minutes later and finally worked it out and were able to get our photo! Huge thanks to Dave for meeting us and for the much needed supplies!! Was great to see you and looking forward to having a beer with you later! (Club Woodham from midday!)


A quick stop at Dagenham & Redbridge and we had successfully managed to visit 91 of the 92 clubs in under 87 hours!! It’s been a crazy few days and the reality of it probably won’t sink in for us for a while. Thank you again for your support!!

So now, on to Colchester United!! The 92 ground of the 92 clubs….. let’s hope we make it before 11am!!!

Watch this space…

80 hours done, 12 to go!!

82 clubs down, 10 to go!!

Gillingham, Charlton Athletic, Millwall, Crystal Palace and AFC Wimbledon all successfully visited with minimal fuss!




Time for a well earned rest, see you in the morning, just 10 to go!!

Don’t forget, we’ll be at Club Woodham from around 12/12:30 tomorrow and it’d be great if you good be there to celebrate with us!

Good night for now!

A very enjoyable last couple of hours has seen morale rise again and we’re buzzing as we head into the final night of our challenge.

Mike drove us on to Southampton for a quick couple of photos outside the ground and we were soon on our way to Portsmouth with Nick at the wheel. We were particularly looking forward to the visit to Pompey as we were hoping to be allowed in to the ground for what would be our first pitch side photo of the day.


Despite us arriving 3 hours later than we had told them we’d be there, the staff at Portsmouth were very welcoming and we were soon escorted pitch side by security for a quick look around and a few photos. Having spent far far more time in the car today than any other day of the challenge so far, this was a hugely needed boost and very welcome break from the ford galaxy that has become our home over the last few days. Thank you to Pompey for welcoming us in.


We were then off to Brighton & Hove Albion for a visit we were all looking forward to all day. My brother, and creator of this fine website, Pat Scullion (Pman) had promised to meet us at The Amex with supplies of sweets and red bull! It was mainly the food and drink we were looking forward to but it was also pretty cool that Pman was going to be there…!

Bets had the unenviable task of driving us along the A27 during rush hour but to his credit he absolutely bossed it. We even found time to act the hero by coming to the aid of a young lady who’s car wouldn’t start. We rolled our selves up, pushed with all our might while they turned the ignition. It didn’t start, but hey, at least we tried. So, due to the rush hour delays and the fact we were so far behind schedule we assumed there was no chance of us being allowed in as originally planned and prepared ourselves for a quick photo and catch up with Pman. Pman had other ideas, arrived early and agreed with security to let us in for a photo by the pitch! A fantastic stadium and big thanks to the staff at The Amex for their hospitality.


And Pman, we really can’t thank you enough! A huge lift to see you (a shame it had to be so brief), thanks for sorting out the stadium access and the red bulls and sweets are going down a treat!! And thank you once again for all your help with this website, the logo, the shirts, and pretty much all the advertising design work for the 92 in 92 challenge. We’re looking forward to buying you some well deserved beers in Club Woodham tomorrow afternoon!!

So, having been boosted massively by the last two stadium visits we were overwhelmed to see the donations continuing to come in on the just giving page. Without wanting to sound over dramatic it really has been an incredibly physically and emotionally draining few days, and these donations are truly humbling. Little Havens Hospice is a truly fantastic charity, one which has grown very close to our hearts, and it’s overwhelming to have reached such high figures already. You’re amazing generosity is helping to ‘make everyday count’ for the children at Little Havens and is appreciated more than words can say.

We were then on to Crawley Town for a quick photo and on we go to Gillingham before heading in to London for the night.

Spirits are high and the banter continues to flow. Any low moments are soon dispersed with a classic one liner from one of the lads. It’s just banter…